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Welcome to Foodies Australia!

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Welcome to our website which will be dedicated to the Australian foodie community with great recipes, restaurant reviews, food blogs and other resources for people who enjoy great quality food and drinks. Hopefully we can provide you with a rgeat place online to share and discuss your food interests and experiences.


The term foodies was first penned in the title of the 1981 book 'The Official Foodie Handbook' by Paul Levy and Ann Barr. Being a foodie is more of a hobby or a pass time than anything else and can be just as much about the experience than about the actual food.

Australian Food and Wine

Australia produces some of the highest quality produce in the world with so much land dedicated to agriculture. In the past couple of decades it is the Australian wine industry that has really taken off with local wineries being some of the best in the world due to favourable climate as well as great management, technology and the thriving wine loving community within Australia.


With international and cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, Australia has a wide variety of dining options and attracts some of the great chef and restauranteurs from around the world. But for foodies it isn't always about the most expensive restaurant but the one with the best experience and that is conducive to the social aspect of food and Australias cities don't lack in that area.